Elfyn finished and launched in Ullapool in a gentle south westerly.

Monday, 20 June 2016


She's been ready for a while, but delayed due to circumstance and sadness. But finally, today, the owner of the Tammie Norrie, called Bay of Plenty II, came to collect his boat and whisk her off to Skye where she will replace a family boat that came to the end of its days.

There's a poignancy in seeing a cherished boat live again in the shape of a new one, freshly made in the same old way.

She'll have to endure the scrutiny of her designer, Iain Oughtred, a neighbour of the owner's on the island, where all eyes will be on her. There was some controversy surrounding her build, traditionally in larch and oak, not the customary plywood and epoxy, a method Iain has perfected over many years. Let those who see her be the judge, but as the old saying goes: there are many ways to make a good boat.

Meanwhile, here are some photos before she left for Skye.


  1. Lovely build Adrian, im sure Iain will approve.

  2. Beautiful build Adrian. Is the owner a Kiwi, as w have the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand?

  3. Looks a treat, a credit to you. Not got to be sailed, I notice.

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